Mission Statement:

"To advance through research, education and symposia, an increased public awareness of the Cape Fear region's unique history."


Institute Historical Essays:

The following historical essays and papers are provided by the Institute in the interest of expanding the knowledge of citizens regarding the Cape Fear region in particular; and presenting its people, culture, environment, politics, and history in general.

Chief Justice William Smith

Wilmington's Distinguished Visitors

Colonel Bludworth's Hollow Cape Fear Citadel

Timothy Bloodworth: Cape Fear Anti-Federalist

General Robert Howe of Brunswick

General James Iver McKay of Bladen County

Vice President William Rufus King of Sampson County

"John Kunering" at Christmas

Plantations of the Cape Fear

Uncle Moreau, the Arabic Scholar

The Bellamy Mansion: Antebellum Masterpiece

Poplar Grove Plantation at Scott's Hill

Black Soldiers in Red, Blue & Grey

Black Slaveholders of the Cape Fear Region

David Walker: Black Wilmington Abolitionist

The Underground Railroad and Wilmington

Thomas O. Larkin, Duplin Merchant to US Consul

Benjamin Franklin Grady of Duplin County

Duplin Roads Before Wallace: A Short History

Rockfish Creek: Witness to History

George Davis: Christian, Senator, Attorney General

Charles Pattison Bolles: Coast Surveyor & Engineer

Oliver Pendleton Meares

Wilmington on the Eve of Secession

Captain John Newland Maffitt

Colonel William Lord DeRosset

Colonel John Douglas Taylor

Colonel Robert H. Cowan

Captain David Reid Murchison, Merchant & Civic Leader

Mrs. Armand J. DeRosset: Angel of Mercy

General Thomas F. Toon of Columbus County

Colonel Thomas S. Kenan of Duplin County

Judah P. Benjamin, Senator, Statesman, Barrister

Ironclad Defenders of the Cape Fear

Wilmington's Wartime Canadian Connection

The Blockade Runners Race of 1864

The Cape Fear's "Immortal 600"

The Battle of Forks Road, 1865

Colonel Thomas Jefferson Lipscomb

Robert E. Lee Visits Wilmington In 1870

General Colston's Cape Fear Academy

Colonel F.W. Kerchner, Harper's Ferry Veteran

Alfred Moore Waddell, Enlightened Wilmingtonian

Confederate Major Bernard's Wilmington Star Newspaper

Alfred Moore Waddell's Address to the Colored People

Pender County: Born of Reconstruction Politics

Wilmington's 1898 Racial Conflict

Wilmington's 1898 Racial Conflict FAQ's

Woodrow Wilson, When a Man Comes to Himself

General William MacRae: Wilmington's Fighting Brigadier

Major-General Benjamin Smith

Major General John Van Bokkelen Metts

Major-General Joseph A. McNeil

Major-General William Wing Loring